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week #8/52: the drain pipe

*kind of a long excerpt this week* It was a concrete drain pipe, discarded and long forgotten at the side of the creek. She came over, bundled up like a marshmallow in canary yellow, and he was too, in dark green. Snow melted in patches 

Friday: now 14 pages a novelist

So a funny thing happened (not so much funny-ha-ha, but funny, as in weirdly fateful). I started a new novel back in December, except I didn’t know it was a new novel when I was writing it. It was right after NaNoWriMo, where in the 

if a novel could talk

Ni Hao Kai-Lan wins this morning. Nick Jr. is running most mornings around here, but he never actually watches it the whole time – which is a healthy thing, I suppose, because then he would be a couch potato. But for the moment, with Dylan 

NaNoWriMo end

NaNoWriMo Ending Stats 37733 words, out of 50000 Total Novel Stats, as of 12/1/08: 49633 words 150 pages four sections mostly done (of six), the fifth section is well plotted out, and there are ideas for the sixth (ending) – and the sections will have 

day 13: writing what I know

Crap. I’m having just as much trouble trying to figure out where my characters are going to go to college as I did choosing where I would go to college myself! The second college I’ve chosen for them just fell through since I found that 

day 12: on fire, or something

Apart from some age/timeline/legal drinking age logistics, I’m totally figuring things out today. I managed about 2000 words today, and I might have a few more left in me before the night is over. And that’s good, since I have a LOT of catching up 

day 11: muse is back!

Welcome back, Muse. Hope you had a nice three-day weekend in the middle of NaNoWriMo! Not allowed, I’m telling you, not allowed! We’re back to work today though, and I’m in the process of making something interesting of two once-directionless chapters. Lots of words to 

day 10: big fat stall

I’m stalled. I show up to my keyboard and I’ve got nothing. I haven’t written anything new since Friday, and instead, the whole weekend I’ve committed a NaNoWriMo no-no, which is stopping to revise! I spent the weekend pulling the events of my part 1 

day 9: update

Just a word-count update today. I have nothing else of significance to say. NaNoWriMo Stats: end of day 8 13132 words (on track = 13336)

day 8: sinkholes, continued

I was pretty well stumped yesterday, and didn’t get much writing done, and the words I did accomplish were pulled from notes. I spent the day navigating around the massive sinkhole in my story, and I think I’m working it out. The story is about