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2017: whatever doesn’t kill you

2017: whatever doesn’t kill you

I’m not going to talk about how I didn’t post to this blog at all in 2017, lol! 2016 left me feeling battered and hopeless. I might have even thought of 2017 as being awful, if you asked for a first impression. Coming off the 

Oh My God!

I have now decided that the expression, “Oh my God!” is absolutely not taking the Lord’s name in vain. No, it is definitely a prayer. 100% prayer – as in, Oh my God, help me, this child is driving me up the wall!

day 5: we got out the vote!

Happy Obama Day!!! And, um, I don’t quite know how to say this, but – he is black, isn’t he? I hope my readers will take this in the spirit of peace and acceptance that it is meant… but I kind of forgot. I’m sure 

almost got away with it

I am sick. I am a slobbering, worthless pile of snot! I always seem to catch something right now, at the butt-end of winter, just when I think I’m about to escape the cold/flu season free and clear. My sweet hubby cleaned the house for 

dear mr. president

This is “Dear Mr. President” by Pink. It’s been out for over a year now, but I’m only just finding it. I just want to say AMEN TO THAT! AMEN!!! And kudos to her, for being ballsy in a time when people are afraid to 


I voted for the soon-to-be first female President of the United States! And I’m taking my hubby to have his kidneys poked and prodded and stones knocked out. And we are both nervous about that. And I hope that Dylan is a good boy while 

like high school again

I think this must be my first political post this election campaign. I like Hillary Clinton. I think she is strong and intelligent, while allowing herself to be both angry and vulnerable at appropriate times. She is, after all, a human being. And I think 

your American Dream up for sale

We watched Michael Moore’s Sicko last night and it really made me very sad. What broke my heart the most I think, besides that poor little baby girl who didn’t get to the right hospital in time, were all the happy couples going home with 

do you worry about global warming?

Global warming is real, it’s our fault, and we cannot stop it. This is not a complete shock to me. I already believed it was real. I worried. I saw An Inconvenient Truth and I worried some more. And I found myself apologizing to my 

the reason people have landlines

I asked, a couple weeks ago, in this post, why even have a landline telephone? When you have a cell phone anyway that is every bit as useful. I still have my landline telephone, and will probably keep it. I’ve been using a Virgin Mobile