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climb a mountain, reach for the stars

not a musician: Playing this week, “I Will Follow You Into the Dark,” by Death Cab For Cutie. (listen here, good guitar lesson here.) I’m in love with this song this week. It’s quiet and beautiful, and it inspired a heartbreaking little story idea. not 

writing about love

I’m a sucker for a good love story, whether that be romantic or platonic love. I don’t consider myself a romance writer, but I do write a heck of a lot of stories about love, whatever form it might manifest itself in. (And I have 

friday update, on a monday

not a writer: Just this week I remembered this really twisted and fascinating French film I saw years and years ago, Jeux D’Enfants (Love Me If You Dare). Trailer here. Remembering this movie makes me want to add some of these kind of mischievous games