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the senseless challenge, week 2: sound (Stephanie)

Week 2 of the Senseless Challenge: sound. Stephanie’s entry is excerpted from another of my WIPs that some of you may have read pieces of before, an immensely huge sci-fi/drama called Lakeside Heights that is going to take me forever to finish. This piece actually 

week #7/52: the observation deck

“This part is my favorite,” Keri says, leading her mother up the stairs to the observation deck. The room is gray and empty apart from a single row of metal chairs, just as gray as the room itself. It’s quiet here, the only sound a 

week #5/52: the firelight

Matt always loved the fireplace. When Felicity was a baby, this is what he and Leila used to do, light a fire and spend the night sitting in front of it. He thought they both enjoyed it. She would talk, and he would listen, and 

a tiny (but amusing) little investigation

I saw someone talking about hit counts on another blog, and it got me curious about my own. This blog, total page views in six-ish years: 9,780. My Lakeside Heights story, total page views in less than three years: 351,356. Well, at least my fiction 

week #2/52: thanks for the pie

Then when no one was looking, he would write little notes for her in the margins of his newspaper, vague and secret communications between them, a whole conversation. They never wrote emails – too much for her husband to find – but they had these 

be afraid… be very afraid!

A conversation with the real live people in my head. [Note: If you are not a writer, this post may be disturbing for you. But don’t be alarmed. In some professions, it is quite normal to converse with the voices in your head.] Danny, to 

i have issues

Okay, not that it’s really a secret or anything (it’s been linked right there in my “about” box since forever), but I write this silly little neighborhood story about my Sims characters. And what sparks this discussion is that everybody LOVES Dallas and Lucy, a