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how to keep slugs off your strawberries

I will bestow upon you the knowledge of the most genius thing the internet has ever taught me: how to keep slugs off your strawberries. You see, the bastards like beer even more than they like strawberries. You fill a tuna can with beer, and 

c’est dommage

They’re cutting down all my baby’s trees! He loved to hug those trees. There were four of them in front of our house, and he would run from tree to tree hugging them. I don’t know where he learned that. I mean, sure I’m a 

domesticated, or something like it

Buy a pair of Target shoes because they’re cute and you can afford them. And a new bag while you’re there. Buy a bottle of Diet Sunkist, just this once, even if you are well aware that the combination of sodium benzoate and ascorbic acid 

the car boycott that will never be

Some kind of ‘fess up Friday not a writer: – I got out of bed in the middle of the night this week and wrote a little flash-fiction story. That was very surprising. One minute I’m trying to sleep, the next I’m downstairs on my 

the right to know

Milk from cloned animals is “virtually indistinguishable” they say. The “virtually” meaning that there is at least some difference, or they would be saying it is “absolutely indistinguishable.” I’m not saying it should or shouldn’t be done, but I am saying I want the right 

the truth

For my vegetarian husband, who I think will appreciate this, a little bit from the book everyone is reading, and I am currently in love with, Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. “I did well with them until I started trying to think how I 

the alternate lives of dreamers

Dylan had a good Christmas. He got more toys than any eighteen month-old child ever needs to have. He got more toys than we even have room for. We didn’t even realize how much Santa bought for him until we saw it all in one 

earthy healthy Saturday

The ideal Saturday morning: take out the recycling, go to the farmer’s market. I don’t know if I mentioned before my strange habit for making schedules (usually ones that I don’t keep). These are detailed and include the exact times and descriptions of what I