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book covers for all the sleeping stories

book covers for all the sleeping stories

I have begun a lot of stories in my time as a writer, and very few of them have ever come out the other side as finished, published books. Most of that is on me. As an indie author, I’m the only one stopping those 

an update: commitment issues, owls, and books to look forward to

Most days, I feel like a flopping fish. Thing #1: EWTF is 8 months old now, which is a thing in of itself. I kept planning these blog entries — EWTF is 3 months old! Or, EWTF is 6 months old!!! The half-birthday seemed like 

The Next Big Thing: Windows

I was tagged by Annie to join the Next Big Thing blog meme. You may have seen it going around the internet like mad (in the writers’ blog circle, at least.) Go check out Annie’s next big thing, Once the Darkness Comes, which sounds really