day 10: big fat stall

I’m stalled. I show up to my keyboard and I’ve got nothing. I haven’t written anything new since Friday, and instead, the whole weekend I’ve committed a NaNoWriMo no-no, which is stopping to revise! I spent the weekend pulling the events of my part 1 forward a year. It’s interesting. It works. But still, my story progression is stalled in part 2. I need things to happen. I know what kinds of things need to happen, and the tone of what things need to be said, but I’ve got nothing precise.

It’s cold outside. That’s my problem maybe. It’s been about 40 degrees, at the peak of the day, and I haven’t been walking. I always get so many of my ideas flowing when I’m out walking with Dylan. We do a four-mile walk through the neighborhood, him in his stroller with some juice, me just trekking along with my characters rattling away in my head. Man, most of my novel has been conceived on foot.

We just bought Dylan a really warm coat and gloves and hat, and maybe I’ll warm up some apple juice for him or something. But 40 degrees is cold! I don’t want to go out in 40 degrees. I’m whining. You have every right to ignore this post.

NaNoWriMo Stats: end of day 9

14458 words (on track = 15000)

And I haven’t written much today either…