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the senseless challenge, week 5: touch (Raine)

For my final piece in the Senseless Challenge, week 5, I’m sharing the very first chapter of my upcoming Nine Nights with the Studly Buddha, in its entirety. Which is possible because it’s a very short chapter at just about 1000 words. 😉 This is 

the senseless challenge, week 4: taste (Leila)

For week 4 of the Senseless Challenge, I’m sharing a bit from my working draft of Leila’s story, A Thousand Simple Truths. I’m not sure where exactly this will show up in the final draft of the book, but I’ve always wanted to find a 

the senseless challenge, week 3: smell (April and Beau)

Here’s week 3 of the Senseless Challenge: smell. This piece is excerpted and reworked from a few episodes of my blog story, StorySkippers Anonymous, but with the story skipping stuff edited out, because that’s just too complicated for flash fiction and I’m not trying to 

the senseless challenge, week 2: sound (Stephanie)

Week 2 of the Senseless Challenge: sound. Stephanie’s entry is excerpted from another of my WIPs that some of you may have read pieces of before, an immensely huge sci-fi/drama called Lakeside Heights that is going to take me forever to finish. This piece actually 

the senseless challenge, week 1: sight (Rita)

Week 1 of the Senseless Challenge: sight. Rita’s entry is excerpted from a WIP that I should finish sometime this fall, Nine Nights with the Studly Buddha. She was starting to forget what his clothes smelled like. She could hardly remember the scratchy feel of 

the SENSELESS challenge

Check out the Senseless Challenge, started by author A.M. Harte. The Senseless Challenge: the facts – We have five senses. – May has five Fridays. – Each Friday is dedicated to one of the senses. – On that Friday, you post a flash fiction focusing