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I quit! And it feels so good!!!

On a spur of whimsy, an offhand comment on twitter today, I made the decision to quit trying to market my books. And more importantly, to quit caring. It was directly linked to the impending release of Sims 4, and this makes perfect nerdy sense, 

week #19/52: future Sims-neighborhood-building enthusiast

He’s more like his mommy than he knows. 🙂

in case any of your husbands are tricksters like mine…

A warning for my gaming friends. Check this out. I came out of the shower, having left my game running while I was away. I kept clicking on the window, trying to make it do something… anything. I’m like, “What the hell, why is it 

tugging your heart-strings, gonna make you cry

Earlier in the week, I had one of those lightning-bolt-of-inspiration nights, the kind where I have to get up out of bed at 4:00 in the morning (hubby says – with a laugh, by the way – “I hate it when you do that.” He