if a novel could talk

Ni Hao Kai-Lan wins this morning. Nick Jr. is running most mornings around here, but he never actually watches it the whole time – which is a healthy thing, I suppose, because then he would be a couch potato. But for the moment, with Dylan engrossed in his cartoon, with twenty minutes of peace tops, just for the heck of it, I reread my opening scene from my first chapter. I read it out loud, which made it feel actual, and different than the way I’ve skim-read it recently.

Oh, how I miss Danny and Lexi, and their ridiculous best friend/lover antics, trying to negotiate if they should or shouldn’t do it before going to his father’s funeral. I mean, really, how funny is that?

If my novel could talk, it would say, “Please write me!”

It’s hard to say how much of it I actually finished, before everything fell to pieces back in December. I think maybe about 48%. And that is certainly not solid from the beginning. But in pieces, here and there, random scenes and some completed chapters, and a good solid outline. I’m looking forward to everything settling back to normalcy again, and I hope when it does, when I get my brain back in my head, the story will come back to me. I really hope. I think it was a good story – or at least not any worse than some stuff out there, lol.

But first it has to be given life, and I guess I’m the only one who can do that. This particular story, in my head, nobody else can finish but me.