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week #19/52: future Sims-neighborhood-building enthusiast

He’s more like his mommy than he knows. 🙂

the politics of a school lunch box

D started kindergarten this week, which is a full day program here where we live. I’m packing him a lunch from home, so far. I’d first been worried about his peanut allergy (come to find out, they only have one, very apparent, item that has 

last week, summed up in tweets

Out hiking in the woods. It’s dark and ominous, about to storm, the kind of day that inspires stories… No, really, we’re a mile from home and about to get rained on. Chapter 5 continues to be this big fat black hole, where I keep 

the most heartbreaking thing

This has never been a very personal blog, apart from telling you how much of my novel hasn’t been written, or some adorable thing my child did. I feel much more comfortable masking my personal life in writing by wrapping it up in fiction. There 

happy birthday, America

My dudes, waiting for the fireworks to start. A few minutes of the DC fireworks, as seen from across the river in Arlington, Va. With commentary from Dylan. Note: the butterfly ones! We took a nice quiet stroll through DC after the fireworks, waiting for 

but it IS that exciting

Dylan was funny this morning. We looked out the window to find that the very persistent 18-inches of snow had finally melted away. Dylan’s reaction: “Oh, grass!” I wish I could even put as much enthusiasm into the word as he did. It was like 

day 19: apple juice

I used to write songs about love, and loss, and God, and the tragic but hopeful state of the world. Today, Dylan and I wrote a song, and the lyrics go: “Apple tree, apple tree. Apple juice, apple juice.” I’ll save love and loss and 

day 14: he sees whoes-saurs?

“Whoes saur.” It’s two words, pronounced: (whoes, rhymes with clothes, and saur like from dinosaur). I have no idea where he heard it. He’s been saying it forever, and we had no idea what he was talking about for the longest time. We still don’t 

day 6: a green block

Dylan is holding a red block, with a green block snapped on top. I wonder what he imagines it is? It might be a car, or a space ship, or a boat… we play this game sometimes. “What is it?” I ask. He says, very 

snips and snails and puppy dog tails

My child plays with his trucks and tries to make a “vroom” noise, but instead ends up sounding like the “grrr” of a monster. It’s funny 🙂 I don’t know how he ended up being such a boy – trucks, cars, tractors, airplanes, digging in