NaNoWriMo end

NaNoWriMo Ending Stats
37733 words, out of 50000

Total Novel Stats, as of 12/1/08:
49633 words
150 pages
four sections mostly done (of six), the fifth section is well plotted out, and there are ideas for the sixth (ending) – and the sections will have clever and poignant titles rather than just numbers 😉
24 chapters done (of maybe 40?)
working title, still (but maybe won’t stick): The World Could Explode
POVs: 2 (Danny and Lexi – narrating voices at about age 23, from where the novel ends)
years spanning: 1997-2002
characters knocked off: 1
characters knocked up: 2
car crashes: 2?
theoretical ways the world could end: ~4
number of times Danny keeps a secret for Lexi: 3
number of times Lexi keeps a secret for Danny: 2
average number of major changes per student: 2.33
average number of religion changes per character: 1.75
# of smoking hot sex scenes: 1
# of cute/dorky sex scenes: 2
# of sex scenes that are simultaneously smoking hot and dorky: 1
# of sex references: too many!
percentage of characters who are inherently good, but flawed: 92%
# of evil unredeemable bastards: 1
anticipated mood of ending: bittersweet?
(I’m just being snarky by now – five hours of sleep last night, I’m tired)…

So, I won’t call NaNoWriMo a failure, even though I didn’t make the 50,000 words. Almost 40,000 words in a month is anything but a failure! I’m glad I did it. I wanted some bulk to work with, after having scrapped the whole first version of my novel and started over from scratch. That was about six months of work lost, and was a little discouraging, so I’m glad to have some of it finished again.