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in case any of your husbands are tricksters like mine…

A warning for my gaming friends. Check this out. I came out of the shower, having left my game running while I was away. I kept clicking on the window, trying to make it do something… anything. I’m like, “What the hell, why is it 

mark this one in the books

This is my “sunroom” on a not very sunny day. I envision two comfy chairs there for reading, and a houseplant that I’ll try not to kill, my desk to the side, and my bookcase. We have some unpacking to do before I take any 

this was not a vacation

*** FYI: this post is long and picture-heavy *** Part 1: driving through the mountains in the snow Dear Pennsylvania, your bridge is crooked. And then it started to snow! But it’s okay, we’re from Michigan and we can handle a little snow. We managed 

day 2: men, a character study

Men: they don’t say what they want or need, don’t say what they’re thinking unless you ask, and not even then sometimes. Instead, they just frump around acting all moody and sorry-for-themselves, because they expected you to read their mind, and then were disappointed when 

when his daddy dresses him…

Blue plaid button-up shirt and green camo pants? I still love my honey, even if he can’t dress my baby, lol! 🙂

pterodactyl moths from hell!

Last night we had a huge, bird-sized moth in our bedroom! Ugh, I hate moths! And if you can believe it, my husband hates bugs even more than I do, so guess who had to kill the damn thing?!? Ah, the things we do for 

freak your hubby out tuna/noodle/EGG! casserole

First of all, this is not a recipe, because I am not a chef – I just throw stuff in a pan and sometimes it works. Second of all, be warned if you try this, your hubby just might freak out as if you’ve just