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All the Other Boys, a short story

All the Other Boys, a short story

New Short Story, Now Available!!! Amazon US, UK, CA Smashwords Nook Apple iBooks   A kooky and hopeless young woman recounts the spectacularly awful rise and fall of her first real relationship. Spanning five years of earnest loyalty to this young man, she discovers the truth about sex, 

I quit! And it feels so good!!!

On a spur of whimsy, an offhand comment on twitter today, I made the decision to quit trying to market my books. And more importantly, to quit caring. It was directly linked to the impending release of Sims 4, and this makes perfect nerdy sense, 

an update: commitment issues, owls, and books to look forward to

Most days, I feel like a flopping fish. Thing #1: EWTF is 8 months old now, which is a thing in of itself. I kept planning these blog entries — EWTF is 3 months old! Or, EWTF is 6 months old!!! The half-birthday seemed like 

social toxicity: the Twitter psychotic breakdown

It occurred to me this week that out of 250-something people I follow on Twitter, all but maybe 100 of them post content that makes me feel anxious and dysfunctional. How about that for inviting toxicity into my life? To reign in my work day, 

the indie author hat, part 2: a story of great responsibility…

With the indie author hat comes a great responsibility. If you have the power to bring any words you want to the world, then you shoulder the WHOLE responsiblity of making sure they’re the best words you have to give. Self publishing is not the 

week #13/52: hideout

There is no story for my photo this week. (And by the way, I’m sure anyone following this will have noticed that I’m hopelessly behind in my weeks, with little chance of ever catching up – and I don’t really care.) Last Friday, I passed 

by request, favorite 1st person novels

So after having a bout of cold feet on my 1st person alternating POV narrators, 35% into the second-ish draft of my novel, I decided to look through a few of my all-time favorite books and see how they were done. I was very surprised 


Chapters 1 and 2 are fine. Chapters 6 and 7 are fine. Chapters 8, 9, and 10 are in pieces, but have potential, and will probably end up fine. But chapters 3-5 are not fine. They feel like soggy bread, you know, like when a 

be assured, it’s not the end yet

Once upon a time, I thought I’d finish the first draft of my novel by the end of May. A silly girl I was, hopeful, bold, and too many clouds in my head. In reality, the end of May approaches quickly, and the novel is 

climb a mountain, reach for the stars

not a musician: Playing this week, “I Will Follow You Into the Dark,” by Death Cab For Cutie. (listen here, good guitar lesson here.) I’m in love with this song this week. It’s quiet and beautiful, and it inspired a heartbreaking little story idea. not