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weekend reads: How It Will End, by Denise Duhamel

I first found Duhamel’s work after having picked up the Best American Poetry 2009 anthology, in an effort to start reading poetry regularly again after a long, long lapse. (Okay, since college actually. Yikes, lol!) My favorite piece was, and continued to be, the poem 

the best books of 2012 that I didn’t get to read yet

Everybody else makes their “best of year” books list, but because my backlog of books to be read is always so long, I never get to make one of those. I’m envious of those of you who read books as soon as they come out… 

weekend reads: stories about death

Just Finished: The Opposite of Love, by Julie Buxbaum From Goodreads: When successful twenty-nine-year-old Manhattan attorney Emily Haxby ends her happy relationship just as her boyfriend is on the verge of proposing, she cant explain to even her closest friends why she did it. Somewhere 

weekend reads: Shifting Through Neutral

Since becoming an author myself, and for some time before, I’ve been unsure whether it was “appropriate” for authors to review books. A lot of authors refuse to do it. Many authors do, but get themselves into trouble doing it. Is it a conflict of 

5 favorite spring/summer reads… a little bit late ;)

Summer is well done and over with, and I’ve been meaning to get these up here for a while now. These are not full reviews (because I don’t do real reviews, lol!), but just a few words on my five favorite reads from the first 

writing book reviews, as a hopeful author

I always feel squeamish about reviewing the books I read. Unless I absolutely loved it, and intend to gush about it, most of the time I’ll just commit to the whole “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” rule. 

by request, favorite 1st person novels

So after having a bout of cold feet on my 1st person alternating POV narrators, 35% into the second-ish draft of my novel, I decided to look through a few of my all-time favorite books and see how they were done. I was very surprised 

last week, summed up in tweets

Out hiking in the woods. It’s dark and ominous, about to storm, the kind of day that inspires stories… No, really, we’re a mile from home and about to get rained on. Chapter 5 continues to be this big fat black hole, where I keep 

writing about love

I’m a sucker for a good love story, whether that be romantic or platonic love. I don’t consider myself a romance writer, but I do write a heck of a lot of stories about love, whatever form it might manifest itself in. (And I have 

not a writer, friday

not a reader: These links aren’t exactly new or anything. I think I’ve had this post in my drafts for two weeks. A good story, in The New Yorker – not a new story, I clicked through to read one by Lorrie Moore, but ended