day 8: sinkholes, continued

I was pretty well stumped yesterday, and didn’t get much writing done, and the words I did accomplish were pulled from notes. I spent the day navigating around the massive sinkhole in my story, and I think I’m working it out.

The story is about different things now. The story is about things I never thought I would be writing a book about, but at the same time, I’m also really not surprised either. These are all things I can relate to or have experience with – being a young wife and a feminist at the same time, not wanting to grow up to repeat your parents’ mistakes, and um… “anger management issues” (not sure if I’m brave enough to tackle full-on domestic violence, ack! I’m still deciding.)

My book was not about those things before, and now it is. It will be a better book for it, I think. It will be more precise and less vague and sweeping. And somehow, it’s still based in the same love story that it began from.

NaNoWriMo Stats: end of day 7

11796 words (on track = 11669)

*** my relation to “anger management issues” is not w/ hubby, by the way! I don’t need any interventions, lol, in case anyone was ready to pick up a phone or something. ***