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how to keep slugs off your strawberries

I will bestow upon you the knowledge of the most genius thing the internet has ever taught me: how to keep slugs off your strawberries. You see, the bastards like beer even more than they like strawberries. You fill a tuna can with beer, and 

“it’s a f#@king alien!!!” and other useful phrases

Dylan learned a new phrase today: “It’s a fucking alien!” (and he repeated it too, lol!) Because good Lord, look at this thing! This is a Luna Moth, I believe. It’s huge, easily as big as an outstretched hand! We don’t get these things in 

because this blog is suffering a dry spell…

It finally happened. My child brought me a real live bug. It was a HUGE roly poly, with big fat creepy crawly legs. I did my very best to act cool about it, lol. I am making up a blogging prompt, because I feel like