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EWTF preview series: on visual inspiration

Today, we’re going to talk about visual pinboarding! Using Pinterest: Authors have been saving picture pinboards for much longer than Pinterest has been around, though I will say Pinterest makes things easier. (Ethically I have doubts about its fairness, but you know, it’s so USEFUL! 

week #3/52: batteries not included

People were refusing to go out for New Year’s Eve this year – or at least some people were. Parties were being kept to small groups of friends, safe indoors, with candles and bottled water, canned goods and books to read. Maybe it was a 

week #1/52: sun birds

Sunlight came through the blinds of our bedroom window, splitting her skin into slats of light and shadow. It reminded me of the first time we kissed, in her parents’ living room, wet from the pool, late afternoon sun beaming through tall windows, my hands 

one of those kind of books

My book is about a lot of things. On the very first page of my notebook, I have a list of all the things my novel is about. Some of them are vague and abstract (fragility and unexpected strength?), and some are less vague (a 

updates from an official part-time-aspiring-novelist

almost like a job (that I don’t get paid for yet): 14 hours a week. D is in preschool, and I have dedicated writing time now. I wonder if this will make me any more efficient? It’s too early to tell this week. First day, 

novel research!

No really, this is novel research, lol! 😉 Try it out!

Protected: character bio meme: Danny, Lexi, Hannah

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

be afraid… be very afraid!

A conversation with the real live people in my head. [Note: If you are not a writer, this post may be disturbing for you. But don’t be alarmed. In some professions, it is quite normal to converse with the voices in your head.] Danny, to 

progress report, take a number, get in line

Oh sheesh, I think I have book #2 brewing in my head! Can I finish book #1 first, please? Take a number, ideas, get in line, single file, and no cutsies! (I assure myself this time, book #1 will not be abandoned for book #2, 

progress report, thou shalt not use second-person?

Can we call them “no thank yous” rather than rejections? Anyway, got a “no thank you” on the story I sent out a couple weeks ago. The editor was generous to offer his reasons, and said, “I liked much of the description in your story,