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listen up: three intense and haunting picks

#1: Milo Greene, “1957”. I can’t get enough of this song or this band. Haunting, dreamy, and nostalgic. Makes me want to write a story. And the whole album has me quite entranced. Check it out. One reviewer said, “like roots rock has been mixed 

I am not a critic: an open letter to the band Lovedrug

I am totally not a book reviewer. Or any sort of media reviewer for that matter, in any capacity. I’ll be forever haunted by two of my experiences. It was about my junior year of college, and I thought I might explore being a media 

last week, summed up in tweets

Out hiking in the woods. It’s dark and ominous, about to storm, the kind of day that inspires stories… No, really, we’re a mile from home and about to get rained on. Chapter 5 continues to be this big fat black hole, where I keep 

climb a mountain, reach for the stars

not a musician: Playing this week, “I Will Follow You Into the Dark,” by Death Cab For Cutie. (listen here, good guitar lesson here.) I’m in love with this song this week. It’s quiet and beautiful, and it inspired a heartbreaking little story idea. not 

“mad world” vs. “u want me 2”

First listen to “Mad World” by Michael Andrews and Gary Jules, which just breaks my heart it’s so tragically pretty. (Also a Tears for Fears cover, for the Donnie Darko soundtrack) And then, a new song by Sarah McLachlan, “U Want Me 2.” Which let