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are you afraid of heights?

are you afraid of heights?

I have gotten into the bad habit of not blogging these past few years. Not blogging non-fiction, specifically, because I still post my silly sim stories all the time. But here, I’ll begin to write something, and then stop because it sounds stupid, or it’s 

I quit! And it feels so good!!!

On a spur of whimsy, an offhand comment on twitter today, I made the decision to quit trying to market my books. And more importantly, to quit caring. It was directly linked to the impending release of Sims 4, and this makes perfect nerdy sense, 

watching me try to publish a novel is like…

I have another preview series post for you here in a minute, but first, a quickie note: I’ve had a little hiccup in one of my chapters this week, so there will be a tiny delay still. 🙁 Talking days, I think, so not too