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the politics of a school lunch box

D started kindergarten this week, which is a full day program here where we live. I’m packing him a lunch from home, so far. I’d first been worried about his peanut allergy (come to find out, they only have one, very apparent, item that has 

my first year as a part-time (soon-to-be) novelist

My boy finished his last week of preschool last week. This first year for us – first year of school for him, first year working on anything in a very focused capacity for me – went by sort of unnoticed, I think. We started it, 

Oh My God!

I have now decided that the expression, “Oh my God!” is absolutely not taking the Lord’s name in vain. No, it is definitely a prayer. 100% prayer – as in, Oh my God, help me, this child is driving me up the wall!

when his daddy dresses him…

Blue plaid button-up shirt and green camo pants? I still love my honey, even if he can’t dress my baby, lol! 🙂

friday, in the other dimensions

Just so you know, if you leave your journal out on the dining room table, the journal you’ve been keeping for two years, and you then leave the room, your toddler will take a crayon to it. He will scribble all over several of the 

because this blog is suffering a dry spell…

It finally happened. My child brought me a real live bug. It was a HUGE roly poly, with big fat creepy crawly legs. I did my very best to act cool about it, lol. I am making up a blogging prompt, because I feel like 

banned for life!

I almost forgot there was a reason we don’t go to the park. He was the worst little boy EVER! He was playing so nicely, and he played for about an hour, which is plenty long enough, I think. Then it was lunch time – 

things i never imagined myself saying

Dylan, sitting on the ground, mud streaks on his cheeks like war paint. I say, “We are going in the house right now if you don’t stop eating that dirt!”