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character profiles: Jodie, for example

character profiles: Jodie, for example

I’ve shared this (or some version of it) on some of my other writing blogs, but I don’t think I’ve ever shared it here. This is an example of the character profile questionnaire I use. Feel free to “borrow” any of these questions for your 

toys for writers to play with: my favorite writing prompts

First, congrats to Annie, winner of my EWTF paperback proof contest this week!!! I have a book to send you!!! 😀 I love random things. I love it when I can throw together a few wildly different traits, and come up with something original and 

songs for stalking, a playlist for my writer friends…

Have you ever written a stalker protagonist before? My friends and I were talking about this this evening, and they helped me compile a list of some more twisted love songs. Yes, I’ve written one. A short story. Her name is Leslie, she likes to 

DRM, fair use, and how to read (some) Kindle books on your Nook!…

This is going to be part rant on DRM, be warned, lol! (Other part on how I love my Nook, but I’m still a Amazon Kindle loyalist at heart! AKA how the Nook store sucks!) On DRM (digital rights management): I am in support of 

pictures of my NookColor

I added a new toy to my collection yesterday! 😀 My new NookColor (left) against my laptop (behind) and my phone (right).

toys for writers to play with, part 2: editing software

First of all, if this needs to be said, no piece of software will ever write your story for you. And no program will ever be able to replace a human editor either. A machine cannot tell you if your story works or not. It 

toys for writers to play with, part 1: Liquid Story Binder

My friend Nina was the one to introduce me to Liquid Story Binder. I’ve been meaning to write something about this program ever since I got it, but I keep coming up blank. It’s very hard for me to put into words exactly how much