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wordless wednesday: windmills in autumn

(Pennsylvania, iPhone, out the car window.)

week #14: welcome to Wanborough, please drive carefully!

60 mph, white knuckles, barely enough room for two cars! 90-degree turns in the city, where I swear, people are not heeding the 30 mph speed limits! And if you were ever worried about driving on the left side of the road, or going through 

week #12/52: how to stand

This week’s excerpt is actually a title, from my in-progress collection of stories and poems: How to Stand on Your Hands *** notes: And so I went on a quest for the ultimate mangled dandelion. And I took a damn lot of pictures of them 

week #9/52: fallacy

Amelia came home to an empty house, and Drew’s absence from it felt unsettling. Coming home to him was a comfort she never realized until he wasn’t here. They didn’t officially live together, except that most of the time, they did. He’d even taken up 

week #8/52: the drain pipe

*kind of a long excerpt this week* It was a concrete drain pipe, discarded and long forgotten at the side of the creek. She came over, bundled up like a marshmallow in canary yellow, and he was too, in dark green. Snow melted in patches 

week #7/52: the observation deck

“This part is my favorite,” Keri says, leading her mother up the stairs to the observation deck. The room is gray and empty apart from a single row of metal chairs, just as gray as the room itself. It’s quiet here, the only sound a 

week #6/52: cars in the city

You recognize a friend’s car when you see it, even if it’s just an ordinary black one, four-door sedan like any number of cars like it in this city. She and Jodie have the same model, because Amelia told her it was a good car. 

week #5/52: the firelight

Matt always loved the fireplace. When Felicity was a baby, this is what he and Leila used to do, light a fire and spend the night sitting in front of it. He thought they both enjoyed it. She would talk, and he would listen, and