earthy healthy Saturday

The ideal Saturday morning: take out the recycling, go to the farmer’s market.

I don’t know if I mentioned before my strange habit for making schedules (usually ones that I don’t keep). These are detailed and include the exact times and descriptions of what I am supposed to do. 6:00, wake, drink coffee, write something. 8:00, baby wakes up, eat breakfast, must include protein and veggies. 8:30, do the dishes while Dylan finishes his breakfast (translation: throws his breakfast on the floor). 9:00, play. 10:00, go for a walk if nice outside, or do yoga÷ and so on throughout the day.

I call these my guidelines for a productive life (yes, they are titled!), because most of the time, I don’t feel very productive. I revise them often, sometimes daily, as I discover more about what works and what doesn’t. I guess this is usually to accommodate the baby, who seems to change so much from week to week. Maybe all of this really has to do with my need to find a working woman/mommy balance, but that enough for a post all on its own.

So anyway, my new Saturday morning routine is a keeper! Saturday mornings will go as usual to breakfast (perhaps replacing my writing block with some fun and mindless activity like gaming or reading my mommy boards), then, we take our recycling to the recycling place (are there names for these things?), and go to the farmer’s market to buy armloads of fresh, locally-grown (and even some organic!) fruits and veggies. Oh fun! How have I lived in this city for almost three years and never been to the farmer’s market???

I don’t think the point of all this is to be a schedule-Nazi, but just to make sure that some things get done. I feel great when things get done, because then going off-schedule, which seems to happen so often, feels a little more deserved than indulgent.

I can already see my child growing up to rebel against my love of structure and then blame me for his dysfunctions as an adult. *sigh*