the car boycott that will never be

Some kind of ‘fess up Friday

not a writer:

– I got out of bed in the middle of the night this week and wrote a little flash-fiction story. That was very surprising. One minute I’m trying to sleep, the next I’m downstairs on my laptop in the dark and cranking out a little story. I’m calling it fiction even though in its beginning stages it was about 95% true, but I don’t think there is such a thing as flash-memoir. Or even if there is, after revising it’s only about 75% true, so fiction it is!

Surely there must be other writers in the world who get out of bed in the middle of the night to write, right?

– The novel continues to be written. 21% done. I don’t know how to measure it’s progress, actually. I just have this idea of a final number in my head, and I know what I have already written, officially, which is two chapters and about 23,000 words. But then I have a huge amount of notes and random scenes for the rest of the 11 chapters, but not counted officially because as the story gets written for real, who knows if they’ll actually stay or not.

I guess there are probably about a hundred ways to write a novel. I guess beginning to end isn’t really my style.

not a housewife:

– My novel seems to have eaten my housekeeping skills, and it generally looks like a disaster around here unless I’m in the mood to avoid writing for some reason. But I did discover that I can iron hubby’s work shirts during Grey’s Anatomy! That will get it done at least once a week, which is much much better than never.

Speaking of, I thought last night’s GA season finale was pretty darn lame and cheesy, and I’m pretty darn lame and cheesy myself, so that’s saying something.

totally not a YMCA member:

– But I did walk outside about 5 days of the week, so about 15 miles. I really have been meaning to get to the YMCA to workout, and Dylan loved playing there with the other kids, but I just can’t bring myself to take the car during the day with gas being so expensive like it is. It’s already a 20 mile round trip to hubby’s work and back, so to drop him off would make 40 miles in one day, and being the tree-hugging hippie that I am, I just can’t bring myself to do it. I wish I could talk him into arranging some kind of carpool once or twice a week and leaving me the car. You reading this, honey? 😉

That, and he wont let me buy a bike to ride around town with Dylan, since you know in Detroit, cyclists are worth bonus points. Even more than old ladies with little white fluffy dogs! But I think that with gas being as expensive as it is, a lot of people will be biking more. I already see it. I’m all ready for a big fat car boycott, but *sigh* hubby puts his foot down.