how to keep slugs off your strawberries

I will bestow upon you the knowledge of the most genius thing the internet has ever taught me: how to keep slugs off your strawberries.

You see, the bastards like beer even more than they like strawberries. You fill a tuna can with beer, and dig a little hole so that it’s level with the soil. The little drunken idiots will toss themselves right into it! It’s like a pool of alcohol and death! Drown, bastard slugs! Drown!

The plastic forks are to keep the strawberries up off the ground, to make it harder for any stray slugs who weren’t tempted by the beer. But it looks like they all were, lol! Who knew slugs were such alkies?

I was really surprised at how well this works! You can see the fat one in there, but there are also about eight more smaller ones too. This is after two nights. I’m not sure how long it’ll take for the beer to lose potency. I guess I’ll find out!