The Fish and the Bird, a novel

Now Available in Ebook and Paperback! 

Genre: literary/contemporary women’s fiction/drama
Length: ~115,000 words/395 pages
Release: October 12, 2016 (ebook)
ISBN (epub edition): 978-1370860517
ISBN (paperback): 978-1544869551

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What if following your heart meant destroying the one person you promised to love forever?

Leila and Matt thought they had it all figured out. Teenage sweethearts, victims of a heady young love and a whirlwind summer wedding, after ten years of comfortable domesticity, their cozy life is smashed wide open by the standard thing: another man.

No big deal. Temptation happens to everyone, doesn’t it?

Leila has so many reasons not to leave her husband for Corbin Green, a hunky college professor with part-time groundings, a wandering scholar and kindred spirit. Corbin is magnetic yet unreliable in every way. The problem is: her stupid heart doesn’t care about the reasons.

As Leila and Corbin’s innocent new friendship quickly turns into an intense and irreplaceable bond, Leila is haunted by everything she’s responsible for—the years, the futures, the tragedies, the children, the friendships, the mistakes, and the promises.

How do you live an honest life when every choice you make is full of regret?

The Fish and the Bird is a complicated and tender love story about three people who are bound by their promises and all the other lives caught up in their wake. For fans of intense literary fiction and realistic romance that reaches you all the way to your stupid, stupid heart.


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more goodies:

Matt and Leila’s playlist (on Spotify)
Leila’s roadtrip across the Rocky Mountains


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