week #12/52: how to stand

week #12/52: how to stand

This week’s excerpt is actually a title, from my in-progress collection of stories and poems:

How to Stand on Your Hands


notes: And so I went on a quest for the ultimate mangled dandelion. And I took a damn lot of pictures of them too! (I may or may not have even dreamed about dandelions last night… I know, that’s a bit much, isn’t it?)

But I had to have one! And not just any dandelion, but in my mind, I saw the perfect dandelion on the cover of this book. It would have to be a proud dandelion, mangled yet resilient, hanging onto its last few seeds, standing tall with its face to the sky. (As you can see, I am quite serious about my dandelions, folks!) Because as a collection, the stories and poems are about just that, hanging onto your last few seeds, standing mangled but proud with your face to the sky? Or something.

(And oh, wait, taking photos and planning my own book covers might be a little bit spoilery for the announcement I’m not supposed to be making for a couple more weeks still. But eh, whatever, lol!)

In the end, I’m still not sure if I’ve found the *perfect* dandelion photo for the book cover. Or perhaps the final image will be a mash-up of a few of these photos. The photo I chose for this week was just the one I liked best as an individual shot.

But really, I have a much more immediate cover image to take. I need to borrow someone’s sewing room, which should be a little bit dusty, preferably with wooden floors and an old drafty window that catches brilliant afternoon sunlight. I need a bolt of yellow tulle, to hang over a chair and pull out long, so it would trail off the chair and unravel, piled up on the floor in a jumble. I might also like to borrow someone’s legs (attached ones, I mean – dude, I’m not writing horror stories here! 😮 )

Anyone have a room like that I could borrow?

More dandelion outtakes on the Flickr page:

outtakes: make a wish and blow outtakes: make a wish and blow

outtakes: make a wish and blow

outtakes: make a wish and blow outtakes: make a wish and blow