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day 15: 91 words

I wrote 91 words yesterday. Good God, I rock! LOL! I did well for today, but still, I’m very much behind at the moment. I need to pull about 3000 words out of my ass, on top of my daily quota. Not looking likely. NaNoWriMo 

day 14: he sees whoes-saurs?

“Whoes saur.” It’s two words, pronounced: (whoes, rhymes with clothes, and saur like from dinosaur). I have no idea where he heard it. He’s been saying it forever, and we had no idea what he was talking about for the longest time. We still don’t 

day 13: writing what I know

Crap. I’m having just as much trouble trying to figure out where my characters are going to go to college as I did choosing where I would go to college myself! The second college I’ve chosen for them just fell through since I found that 

day 12: on fire, or something

Apart from some age/timeline/legal drinking age logistics, I’m totally figuring things out today. I managed about 2000 words today, and I might have a few more left in me before the night is over. And that’s good, since I have a LOT of catching up 

day 11: muse is back!

Welcome back, Muse. Hope you had a nice three-day weekend in the middle of NaNoWriMo! Not allowed, I’m telling you, not allowed! We’re back to work today though, and I’m in the process of making something interesting of two once-directionless chapters. Lots of words to 

day 10: big fat stall

I’m stalled. I show up to my keyboard and I’ve got nothing. I haven’t written anything new since Friday, and instead, the whole weekend I’ve committed a NaNoWriMo no-no, which is stopping to revise! I spent the weekend pulling the events of my part 1 

day 9: update

Just a word-count update today. I have nothing else of significance to say. NaNoWriMo Stats: end of day 8 13132 words (on track = 13336)

day 8: sinkholes, continued

I was pretty well stumped yesterday, and didn’t get much writing done, and the words I did accomplish were pulled from notes. I spent the day navigating around the massive sinkhole in my story, and I think I’m working it out. The story is about 

day 7: house-sized sinkholes in the road

Last night I was raving to myself about how much I loved my chapter in part five (is that weird? lol), the one I wrote about yesterday, and I actually wrote down in my journal that I loved it so much I would write my 

day 6: a green block

Dylan is holding a red block, with a green block snapped on top. I wonder what he imagines it is? It might be a car, or a space ship, or a boat… we play this game sometimes. “What is it?” I ask. He says, very