dear mr. president

This is “Dear Mr. President” by Pink. It’s been out for over a year now, but I’m only just finding it.

I just want to say AMEN TO THAT! AMEN!!! And kudos to her, for being ballsy in a time when people are afraid to say what they’re really thinking. This is what we are really thinking but might not have the guts to say for fear of being called un-American, unpatriotic, or a terrorist even!

This is what it means to embrace our first amendment – not just to bitch and moan, but to bring forward real honest problems with the hope and spirit to strive for something better. This is what it means to love our country. This is the passion that our country was born from. To not just roll over and take whatever crap they’re throwing at us this week. THIS is why America is beautiful!

This song gives me chills. 328 days, 2 hours, and 12 minutes until we can hope for something better.