but it IS that exciting

Dylan was funny this morning. We looked out the window to find that the very persistent 18-inches of snow had finally melted away. Dylan’s reaction: “Oh, grass!” I wish I could even put as much enthusiasm into the word as he did. It was like he’d given up all hope he’d ever see it again 🙂

Yes, people GRASS! I don’t think we’ve seen it since November.

But grass isn’t the only thing exciting. We’re moving!!! (and OMG, OMG, OMG!) Hubby got a job in Alexandria, VA, and we have pretty much no clue what we’re doing, so any advice would be welcomed.

1.) How do you find an apartment when you live four states away? We’re taking a road-trip out there next week to do some apartment searching, to see what neighborhoods we might like (or afford) to live in. We’re thinking about the Chantilly, Centreville, Fairfax, Burke areas… maybe? Anyone care to share some thoughts on those areas?

And crap, it’s expensive there!!!

2.) How do you move your stuff? It sounds like a simple questions, but we’re quite stumped. I’m too scared to drive a U-Haul truck. We need more than a U-Haul van? I don’t think we could probably afford movers, nor do we really have enough stuff to warrant it. What about those Pods things? Anyone used those before?

And what the heck do we do once we get there, and have to unload the damn thing by ourselves with a toddler running around???

3.) Does anybody want to buy my barely functioning treadmill for $10?

Or my perfectly functioning washer and dryer for cheap?

Or does anybody want to come pick out some free baby toys?

4.) How do you keep a toddler occupied in a car for 9 hours?

5.) And where do you get cheap/free boxes without having to root through the trash?

And please tell me anything else I need to know. Thank you 🙂