week #17/52: reward

Traverse City, MI

Please pardon my abrupt absence. I *officially and completely* finished the second draft of my novel a couple weeks ago (!!!), and then promptly ran off with my boys to northern Michigan for a week of fun! 😀

week #17/52: reward

I have a TON of pictures to sort through from the trip, and those will be posted to the Flickr set throughout the week.

Also, as I get back to work here in a couple weeks, I’ll be putting on my serious hat and hopefully writing some posts here in this blog that *aren’t* about my vacations. 😉

I look forward to telling you about my upcoming novel, Likely to Fail (tentatively scheduled for release this spring!!!), and we’ll talk about writing and books and publishing (and games too, probably, as well as some nerdy things like rooting my Nook!). And next week, I’ll be shipping my little boy off to kindergarten, which means my first year as a full-time “working mom” and soon-to-be novelist!

I also need to redesign this website, to be a little more professional ‘n stuff… or at least have a page for my books.

Please stay tuned! 😀