week #15: boys at the seaside

week #15: boys at the seaside

This was a small series of photos I found within other larger landscape photos I took in England. Most of these I hadn’t even known were there until I super-zoomed in and found these little candid moments that I never would have caught otherwise.

Taken from very ordinary and uninteresting landscape photos like this one:

Bath, England

See that tree, just right of the center?

Well I super-zoomed in to get this:

in the pics: drink up the sun

For being cropped from the actual pixel size in most cases, the image quality here is pretty fuzzy. So this is just for fun. Hopefully none of these people mind me sharing, because I am finding these random candid moments completely fascinating. I might have to go out and try this little game again sometime! 😀

in the pics: up in the air

in the pics: hands

in the pics: kids at the park