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Exactly Where They’d Fall:

format: novel, ebook and paperback
release: July 2012
genre: contemporary women’s fiction/drama/comedy
length: ~89,000 words/304 pages
about: As Amelia and Drew pair off to begin their future together, Jodie hangs on to one night, a year ago, which none of them remember the same way. With vivid characters, generous doses of humor, and palpable emotion, Exactly Where They’d Fall is a charming debut novel about three friends forced to explore the complicated and fragile bonds of friendship and love. For fans of heartfelt, witty literary fiction, and character-rich women’s fiction.

All the Other Boys:

format: short story, ebook only
release: August 2013
genre: contemporary coming-of-age/new adult/chick lit
length: ~6,600 words/25 pages
about: A kooky and hopeless young woman recounts the spectacularly awful rise and fall of her first real relationship. Spanning five years of earnest loyalty to this young man, she discovers the truth about sex, religion, life, and herself, interspersed with memories of all the other boys who stole her heart for a short time. For fans of contemporary stories of first love, first disappointment, and growing up, “All the Other Boys” is darkly comical and ultimately triumphant.

Stories from the Lakeside: 

format: serial drama
release: ongoing, monthly beginning soon
genre: contemporary fiction/drama/coming of age
length: novelette-sized episodes
about: Set in the mid-1980s, Lakeside Heights is a quiet college town on the shores of Lake Michigan with cold winters and hot summers. It’s a place where secrets can be buried, new loves can blossom, and young people will dream of growing out of but never quite feel able to leave. Stories from the Lakeside is an ongoing serial drama about the residents of this town and all the complicated ways their lives intersect.


the senseless challenge (flash fiction)
sight: Rita
sound: Stephanie
smell: April and Beau
taste: Leila
touch: Raine

other works in progress:

about: storyteller’s ADD ;)

I currently have about nineteen different books living in my head, some partially drafted and some are just ideas. Click here if you’d like to learn more about what I’ve got brewing!