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a baby and a book

Guess what? There is time to read with a new baby. In fact, I find myself reading more now than I did before, like when he insists on sleeping on my shoulder and nowhere else. There’s only so much you can do with one hand free, besides watch TV. Blah, TV, why do I even pay for cable?

Right now I’m reading American Psycho – I got it as part of a Christmas book exchange last year, and am only just now getting to it. All I have to say about it so far (and I’m only on page 18) is that this man sure does pay a lot of attention to designer names! Silk-satin d’Orsay pumps by Manolo Blahnik? What man would know that? I’m sure the reason will be revealed.

I recently finished Things You Should Know, by A.M. Homes. I am in awe of her imagination, as I was with her first collection, The Safety of Objects. Her stories are just so, well, weird! I love them!

And I’m finally reading The New Yorker that I’ve been subscribed to for most of the year. It comes so frequently that I never found the time before – or, well, truthfully, I guess it was never appealing enough before. But now, when all there is at arm’s length is Glamour, Women’s Health, and The New Yorker, it doesn’t stand a bad chance.

I even read it to Dylan sometimes. He doesn’t seem to mind as long as it’s in a playful voice. Last week we read about blogging as the new American journalism, and then a piece on Hurricane Katrina that had a very interesting history of the lower ninth ward. And from Women’s Health, I read to him about antioxidants and how they might help us live to be 100. We read poetry – he likes Eliot’s “Love Song…”. And of course, we read Dr. Seuss.

I figure, my baby has a huge head, there must be a big brain in there.

2 thoughts on “a baby and a book”

  • I’m so glad that you’re finding time to read. It’s a passion I gave up on when J was born. He wasn’t happy to just be held- he had to be walked, bounced, patted, constantly on the move. I’ve only recently (in the past month or so) begun reading with the same fervor that I used to.

    When he was content to be still, he enjoyed listening to me read to him, too. And he has an entire shelf of books to choose from, but rarely makes it past the first few pages.

    Hopefully your big-head baby will be more receptive to story time as he gets older than mine is.

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