idiot of the year

He was an angel all day. He woke up all smiles and as the day went on, as evening came, I got anxious, waiting to see when he would start the evening fuss. 8:00 and it never happened. He just smiled, discovered his legs and the lamp glowing in the corner.

Then at 9:00 as we started to have our dinner (this is not unusual – he seems to know exactly when dinner is) he started to fuss, to cry, to scream! Okay, so here it is, we thought. We tried the usual, the bouncing, the patting, the pacifier. Nothing. We tried everything we could think of. We’re in for another one of “those” nights, we thought.

After a half an hour of screaming, Jim says, “Did you check his diaper?”

Ah, the diaper! OH MY GOD!!! My poor baby was sitting in the biggest load of crap I’ve ever seen.

Four wet wipes and a fresh Pampers later, I had my angel back. All smiles and babbling, though a little bitter maybe.

I’m sorry, baby. Vote me in for idiot of the year.