All the Other Boys, a short story

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A kooky and hopeless young woman recounts the spectacularly awful rise and fall of her first real relationship. Spanning five years of earnest loyalty to this young man, she discovers the truth about sex, religion, life, and herself, interspersed with memories of all the other boys who stole her heart for a short time. For fans of contemporary stories of first love, first disappointment, and growing up, All the Other Boys is darkly comical and ultimately triumphant.

This is a stand-alone novelette at 7000 words (about 30 pages).


2 thoughts on “All the Other Boys, a short story”

  • Very nicely written and fun. Looking forward to all your new writing adventures. I know Exactly where they Fall has been out a while now, but I am diving into that one next. I have trouble with reading materials holding my attention almost most of the time, but I have no problem with yours and I enjoy your style very much 🙂

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