book covers for all the sleeping stories

book covers for all the sleeping stories

I have begun a lot of stories in my time as a writer, and very few of them have ever come out the other side as finished, published books. Most of that is on me. As an indie author, I’m the only one stopping those half-baked ideas from becoming full-fledged books. But that is also one of the most important responsibilities of an indie author, making that call when something is “finished” but not ready. And for me, for my own peace of mind, I would much rather hold something back and make sure I am 100% happy with it.

But the most notable of all these works in progress (WIPs) were stories that I had strong ideas for how their book covers would look. Many of which I even put down money on image licenses for.

I want to (need to) share some of these here. Because, for legality, there is a little line in the small print of most image licenses that says these images must be used within twelve months. They can’t just sit on my hard drive. And so, I shall “use” them by posting them here on my blog. See how crafty I am?

Also because I just like making book covers for books I haven’t finished writing yet. 😀


Rita’s story: When the Sky Stopped, a novella.


This cover says “novelette”, but I do think it will probably come out novella length by the time it’s done. This is one of the favorite book covers I’ve ever made. Shame that the story isn’t equally up to par just yet, lol! It’s a good story, it’s just missing something that I can’t quite put my finger on. Sometimes—most of the time—these problems solve themselves if I just let the story bake for a little while longer. I have lots of hopes for this one! Rita is one of Corbin’s ex-flings, so it also ties into the Studly Buddha story collection. It’s about art and life and death and mothers and daughters and Druids and crop circles! I mean, fun, right!?


Leslie’s story: Windows, a novella


Windows is a very old and very dear story of mine. In fact, this is, I think, the only story I kept from my university manuscript. It looks pretty much nothing like that draft anymore, having been picked at for (whoa!) at least ten years now. It was another that needed to be left to bake and grow up for a while, and it has, I think, finally. Recently I conceived of a scene for it that pretty much put all the missing pieces together, and I’d like to finally push this one out the door soon. I have a novel to release first, but I think this one might come next. A long time coming.

And last, but certainly not least, my next new book baby which will certainly and definitely be born in 2015


Leila and Matt’s story: The Fish and the Bird, a novel


This is another novel many years in the making. I actually first drafted this one right alongside Exactly Where They’d Fall, which is no doubt how they are also so closely linked. But this is a complete and independent stand-alone story. I really, really, really want to release The Fish and the Bird this summer! Like for real. I wanted to release it earlier, but you know me and flimsy anticipated release dates, lol! 😉