watching me try to publish a novel is like…

I have another preview series post for you here in a minute, but first, a quickie note: I’ve had a little hiccup in one of my chapters this week, so there will be a tiny delay still. 🙁

Talking days, I think, so not too long. Not weeks, probably. Maybe one week, but not weeks in the plural. I blame it on Drew – I swear he’s my most difficult character to pin down. You can blame it on Drew too if you want. (Dammit, Drew!)

And I swear, watching me try to publish a novel must be like watching one of those progress bars load on a computer, where it goes super slowly near the end, 95%… 96%… 97%… And then it sits there for a ridiculously inproportional amount of time for the three measly percentage points left to go. And all you know is how much you’ve finished, how much is left to do in quantity, but not in time. 98%……………………

And so you just get up and go pee, and grab something to drink, and start watching an episode of Supernatural on Netflix or something.

But I’ve got it just about worked out. And while you’re waiting, I do still have plenty of stuff to share for my preview series, so you guys won’t be going without!

Okay? Okay!… carrying on.