the SENSELESS challenge

Check out the Senseless Challenge, started by author A.M. Harte.

The Senseless Challenge: the facts

– We have five senses.
– May has five Fridays.
– Each Friday is dedicated to one of the senses.
– On that Friday, you post a flash fiction focusing on that sense.
– If you have twitter, tweet about your story with the hashtag #flashsense

Take sight, for example. The story of that week could be from the point of view of a ghost who can only see, but not hear or feel or smell or taste. On the other end of the scale, it could be about a blind man and how he sees without seeing.

The aim of the challenge is to become more aware of how you use senses in a story to convey description and hopefully have fun while youre at it.

The schedule is:

May 03: Sight
May 10: Sound
May 17: Smell
May 24: Taste
May 31: Touch

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Who wants to do this with me!?!Nina is doing it! All the cool kids are gonna do it! Are you gonna do it!?! 😀

As a rule for myself (and note, as this challenge goes, there aren’t really any official rules, but I feel like making some up for myself), all of my pieces will be taken from existing WIPs, because I just *can’t* start any new ideas right now. Not allowed. Putting my foot down. It’s not like I need to go chasing after any new shiny story ideas when I have a dozen or so books to finish already, lol! So for each sense, I’ll be sharing an excerpt from something I’ve been working on that applies as closely to the challenge as I can.

And you guys will get to see some sneak peeks of some of these twelve-billion stories I’ve been working on lately, lol!

Leave a comment here if you’re going to do it, so I can find your stories too! 😀