listen up: three intense and haunting picks

#1: Milo Greene, “1957”. I can’t get enough of this song or this band. Haunting, dreamy, and nostalgic. Makes me want to write a story. And the whole album has me quite entranced. Check it out. One reviewer said, “like roots rock has been mixed together with dream pop.” Yes! A bit short for $9, but all the songs are good!


#2: Passenger, “Feather on the Clyde”. The most breathtaking dude with his guitar you’ll ever hear.

I also own his whole album, Little Lights. Beautiful, beautiful album! Much recommended! This lovely acoustic solo performance of “Feather on the Clyde” is not on the album, sadly. The album version is good too, but it loses some of that deeply affecting simplicity of the solo version. You might have also enjoyed “Let Her Go”, which you get with this album too.


#3: Delta Rae, “Bottom of the River.” Holy hell, this song, lol! Powerful voice and chilling video. I don’t watch True Blood either, but if it’s anything like this song (which it seems was used in its promo), then maybe I should check that out too.