week #2/52: thanks for the pie

week #2/52: thanks for the pie

Then when no one was looking, he would write little notes for her in the margins of his newspaper, vague and secret communications between them, a whole conversation. They never wrote emails – too much for her husband to find – but they had these instead, in between lines of news story, or on a napkin slipped under his pie plate. His handwriting was terse print, chicken scratch. Thank you. The pie was wonderful, it made my night.

She couldn’t keep these, she told him. There was too much risk. She wanted to. Even a simple one – thanks for the pie – she wanted to hide in some safe place so she could have it forever.

It’s fine, he wrote on the next one. Just keep them in your head.

– Leila, “ghost from a wishing well, part 1,” A Thousand Simple Truths



week 2: in which we eat pie!

Setup was much easier this week. But this one also required venturing outside the house, kid in tow (which is something I’ll likely have to work around for the real deal as well, so I don’t mind the practice). Baby steps, people – we just went out for lunch. And Dylan got to eat pie! 🙂

There weren’t many outtakes from this shoot, it was pretty simple, pretty straightforward – which was a relief after last week’s shoot. I chose this one over the couple others because I liked the texture on the napkin, while leaving the background in obscurity. (I would have liked to get the pie plate a *little* more in focus, but I couldn’t figure that out without losing focus on the handwriting.)

I also meant to have my hubby write the note, so it would be in a man’s handwriting – though it turns out my own handwriting isn’t very feminine after all, lol! Ah well, so be it!


outtakes: the setup outtakes: the boy who ate pie