Stories from the Lakeside: a serial drama


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For fans of: John Hughes movies, St. Elmo’s Fire, My So-Called Life, The OC, and Freaks and Geeks…

Set in the mid-1980s and into the 90’s, Lakeside Heights is a quiet college town on the shores of Lake Michigan with cold winters and hot summers, a quiet place where secrets can be buried, new loves can blossom, and young people will dream of growing out of but never quite feel able to leave. Come follow the residents of this town and all the complicated ways their lives intersect.

Episode 0: “Comfortably Numb”. Set six years before the start of the series, it’s the summer of 1979 and Charlie Roseland is almost fifteen when this peaceful lakeshore town is rocked by the horrific news that a young girl has been murdered. Charlie’s best friend, Natty-Patty-Pie, the cheesiest girl alive, has been destroyed by nightmares she can’t shake. Charlie’s mother is always crying, his little sister is afraid, and his father tells him there are no answers and sometimes you don’t get to find out why. On the cusp of manhood but not quiet there yet, the careful veil of childhood is ripped away to reveal that life can be full of both breathtaking sweetness and unspeakable horrors.

Stories from the Lakeside is a serial drama of novelette-sized episodes (12-15K/50 pages). Structured like your favorite television show or soap opera, the stories are ongoing and carry on from episode to episode, and season to season.

Please note, this series may regularly include sensitive subject matter, drug and alcohol use, possibly disturbing scenes, sexual situations, crude language and humor, good retro music, denim and neon, big hair, among other such debauchery, and is not intended for young or sensitive readers.




Charlie and Natty

Childhood sweethearts and best friends, Charlie and Natty are in their second year of college together, making promises to each other that are bigger than they understand. Charlie encounters a hiccup in the course of his future—would Natty still love him if he messed everything up? But what Charlie doesn’t know is that Natty has stumbled upon some hiccups of her own that she isn’t sure Charlie will forgive her for. Before they know it, everything they thought was certain has become a question.

Josh and Sophia

Josh is a passionate young man with a very intense crush, and he knows he could get Natty’s attention with enough time… and if not for that pesky boyfriend she has hanging around. Sophia feels like her brother is a good guy, deep down, but wonders sometimes if that’s just wishful thinking? Josh is an adult now, and she can’t keep babysitting him anymore, or putting her own life on hold to do it. How many secrets can she bury for her little brother before the truth becomes too big to hide?

Ruby and Joey

Ruby is graduating high school and she has her eyes set on the stars, and she isn’t going to let anything stand in the way of her dreams. Or anyone. Will she end up ruling the world or will she just become a drama queen? On the other hand, her little sister, Joey just wants to be left alone. A floaty pixie girl named Ocean, with an impish smile and a camera, tries to bring Joey out of her shell but ends up changing a lens on her whole world instead. Joey doesn’t know if she’s ready for that.


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