terrible not-even-two-yet

He is a big boy now, apparently. Maybe I should buy him a backpack and send him off to college? He wants to walk everywhere and does NOT want to hold my hand. He wants to play on the big kid park equipment, and does NOT want me to help him. He wants to walk straight off of a platform onto the rope ladder and he doesn’t understand why this might not work.

Oh, the fits this child can throw! If he is not ready to be finished doing something (the park, for example), he arches his back, goes stiff, and screams. Last weekend we took him to the park in his stroller and when it was time to go home he threw one of these fits.

So let him walk, hubby says.

Okay, walk then.

And this boy walked almost a mile! And even then he still threw a fit when we put him in his stroller.

And then we have throwing food. We also have a carpeted dining room, not by choice. I have tried everything I can think to try – time out, making him pick it up, a slap on the hand, no more dinner for you. He absolutely knows how to say “all done,” but sometimes for whatever reason, he just decides to start throwing things instead of saying “all done.”

In my 21 months and 14 days of parenthood, this is the first age I have found that was not “the perfect age.” I remember that every stage along the way so far has been so full of discovery and amazement at everything new. Not now. This new attitude is one development I could definitely live without.

Can someone tell me when it gets easier? And don’t tell me it’s when he moves off to college.

And now insert the obligatory “But oh, how I love him!” *eye roll*