hearing voices

This is something probably only my writer friends will understand. The rest of you will probably want me committed.

My characters are talking to me. I find it hilarious that if any other person told you that they had people talking in their head, you might suggest a good shrink, but when that person is a writer, it’s all okay- or, well, accepted anyway.

I never experienced this before I started working on my current story. I always thought writers were exaggerating or flat-out making it up when they said it. But then I heard it myself, a father and son, had an entire discussion in my head. How about that?

That discussion, by the way, changed the entire ending of my story. I swear I don’t feel like I’m writing this damn thing at all. It’s writing itself in my subconscious. It’s just trippy. Maybe I do need a shrink, lol.