pictures just for Meaghan

This post is dedicated to Meaghan, who has been begging for new pictures for a very long time.

Taking pictures of a one year-old is not an easy job to do. My camera is cheap and SLOW! By the time the lens has focused, Dylan is already off and tearing up another room. When he was younger I could prop him up on pillows and just wait for a smile. When he is older, he might hopefully understand the concept of posing. But this age right now is nearly impossible.

A lot of them end up a complete blur because either he was moving too fast, or got too close trying to get my camera. But most are almost usable and look like they’ll be really cute in that tiny two inch preview window, but disappointingly unclear when viewed at normal size.

Dylan, 19 months, blurry

Only if I’m very lucky, maybe once in 50 shots (what is that, 2%?), I’ll get a gem. One in which he is both in focus AND looking at the camera, and Praise God if he is actually smiling or looking cute in it!

Dylan, 19 months, cute

Then, of course, I can have as many pictures of the back of his head as I want.

Dylan, 19 months, looking outside

The second part of the problem is that my sweet child won’t let me leave the room lately, and since our computer is in our very unchildproofed bedroom, Mommy doesn’t get much computer time.

This problem will be solved soon. Since our dear President is apparently going to make money fall out of the sky, I am finally going to get a laptop. That means more blogging and more pictures!