why we have preschool

This is part of my practice I guess. Write something. Anything at all, just to get the cogs in my brain turning. Any writing is better than reading emails and mommy boards. After I clear this junk out of my head, maybe I’ll write another paragraph of fiction, LOL!

It is 7:10 and I have only just sat down with my first cup of coffee. Dylan will be awake any minute now. I actually don’t even have that much time anyway. I have to get our stuff ready to go to the Y.

Yes, I have joined the YMCA!!! They have free child-watch which Dylan absolutely loves. And their treadmills are like running on a cloud! I like to go in the late mornings, when it is mostly older people and other moms. There is a nice absence of beef-cakes at 10 a.m. I’m still finding it really weird to exercise in front of other people since I have been doing it at home for so long.

Dylan is getting older, his naps slowly diminish every month like the days get shorter in the fall. He will be two this summer. And then someday he wont be taking any naps at all. And Good Lord, I want to do this all over again with another? Yes, at least one more I think.

This, my friends, is why there is preschool! 😉

Parenting (and keeping a sane mind while doing it) is a constant state of revision. Nothing works for very long and then you’re on to the next challenge, the next puzzle to figure out.

We kept our bedroom door closed this morning so that maybe Dylan wouldn’t hear our alarm clocks. It’s now 7:30 and he’s still sleeping. So now what to do about the neighbor who starts up her janky car about now every morning and runs it for 15 minutes?