not a mommy blog

I remember when I used to be a blogger. A blog implies something regularly updated. Reliable. Because people lose interest when nothing is new. I don’t blame them. I would lose interest too.

As you can see, I’ve disappeared a little. I guess I’ve been working on a project of sorts. Not a writing project but something equally as monumental. A much needed surprise. Something to maybe create reliability in me when nothing else ever could.

I don’t expect this to become a mommy blog, or a pregnancy blog (not that there isn’t a place for such things), but there is one thing I’d like to note straight off. Pregnancy is not the glowing and beautiful thing it is glamorized to be. Pregnancy is bodily functions amplified a thousand times. It is quite gross actually. Sure, my skin is clearer, glowing even. But everything else (and if you don’t know the details I mean, you probably don’t want to know) tends to be left out.

This is week 16 in baby land. Baby is the size of an avacado. He is learning to swallow and breathe his amniotic fluid in preparation for breathing and digestion at birth. He has also learned to urinate, and does so into his amniotic fluid every 40-45 minutes. The fluid is completely cleaned and replaced every three hours, so that the baby’s environment remains fresh. That math doesn’t add up. Eeew, Baby, that’s kinda nasty!

However nasty, we still love him. (I say “him” though we don’t actually know the baby’s sex yet – I just can’t bring myself to call my baby “it”)

Baby is due, by the way, June 25, 2006.