lazy bum

Some days I have absolutely no interest in accomplishing anything. I did nothing today and I don’t feel bad about it. I didn’t write anything, edit anything. I didn’t read anything that mattered. Didn’t go to the post office. Didn’t buy milk. Oh well.

Days like today I wish I had something mindless to do. A video game or something. We lost the cord to our PS2 when we moved and I haven’t played it since.

Yesterday I was productive. I conceptualized a new story and got down the first scene. Sent out a submission. I reorganized my office closet, sorted all the books that I haven’t looked at since we moved in, made myself a “writer shelf” in the closet with my reference books and supplies.

But how many really, really productive days can you have in a week? With no boss, no concrete deadlines, no immediate rewards, I find it very hard to stay motivated five out of five days. And is this realistic even? If I were working a “job” kind of job, would I really have five out of five days of good solid productive work?

I suppose this would change if I had a book deal. If I had an editor breathing down my neck, wanting a manuscript on his desk in so many months or whatever.

I hear people say these are the easy times, the lazy times, before publication. I write because I want to, and if I don’t, there’s no one but myself to answer to. No pressure. No expectations.

And no money either! 🙂