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a tiny (but amusing) little investigation

I saw someone talking about hit counts on another blog, and it got me curious about my own.

This blog, total page views in six-ish years: 9,780.

My Lakeside Heights story, total page views in less than three years: 351,356.

Well, at least my fiction is clearly more interesting than my non-fiction? LMAO!!!

I guess I’ll take that as a good thing. Stick to what you’re good at. (Don’t worry, I will.) 😉

5 thoughts on “a tiny (but amusing) little investigation”

  • Actually, I would add that consistency is another variable. You post entries to LH pretty regularly so there’s a lot to see.

    And the other part is just that LH is just freakin’ awesome. That’s just a hint as to how much people will love your stuff when it’s in their hands. (Oh dear… that came out sounding dirty, but I guess considering it’s a comment from me to you that should be expected, lol.)

  • Lunar, LOL, calling me out on being a slacker here! 😉 It’s true though, consistency is huge! My 52-week project will be helpful for that – at least I’ll have one thing to post every week. I think I’ll try to post something “writerly” every Friday too (and not just “this is what chapter I’m working on this week…” lol!)

    And anything can look dirty if you twist it the right way! <-- see? lol!

  • LOL at all this pervy talk!

    Consistency is one thing but also, a Sim blog has sort of a built-in community. There are a bunch of places to advertise, if you so choose. Even if you don’t advertise it yourself, other people will. I don’t know if it’s so easy to get your name out there with other kinds of blogs.

  • Carla, there is sort of a community, with twitter and the different author and writing blogs. I haven’t been very active in breaking into it though. What if they don’t like me!?! *sobs* lol!

    Really though, all blogging is about reaching out and making connections with other bloggers. (And of course, actually writing in your own blog too, 😉 )

  • 350,000 in three years? Congratulations. Man, I’d be happy to hit that in my lifetime.

    I totally understand the “what if they don’t like me” thoughts, as I get them all the time myself. If ever you find a way to get past that, please share it with us!

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